DCUN Reports

#3 Déjeuners jeunes chercheurs I Jeunes chercheuses

Prsentation outcomes I September 2021

Labex Urban Futures offers, once a month, a young Researcher lunch in webinar. These sessions are open to the entire scientific community of the Labex but also to master’s and phd students and beyond to anyone interested in the subject. For the seventh lunch, the DCUN proposed a paper entitled “Transformations and reconfigurations of the professional worlds of peri-urban planning” presented by Kévin Chesnel. This paper proposes to question the effects of experimental approaches around peri-urban housing for the professional worlds of housing. How are roles and places redistributed in the production chain of peri-urban housing? What inter- and intra-professional struggles can be observed? How do actors adjust and develop new conventions for collective action?

#2 Words & Concepts

Workshop outcomes I November 2018

Driven by the wish to produce innovative scientific material, the DCUN organized on the 21 November 2018 a workshop entitled « Wording Urban Diffusion ». This event that took place at the Architecture School of Paris-Belleville in Paris (France) and gathered more than fifteen speakers who discussed and examined the lexicon linked to the territorial diffusion of urbanization. Today, urban diffusion is global and induces in the field of urban studies a revision in the way of thinking the relations between urbanism and territory. For this reason, this phenomenon has been studied in different geographical and historical contexts, and has resulted in the production of a terminology and a conceptual and theoretical apparatus in different languages. This workshop was an opportunity for the scientific community to question the conceptual, disciplinary and methodological frameworks that have guided the production of knowledge on urbanization processes in different contexts and historical moments.

#1 Energies et urbanisation diffuse

Seminar outcomes I June 2018

DCUN’s fourth seminar was organized on 25th June  2018 at the campus « Cité Descartes », Champs sur Marne (France). This seminar session was co-organized by the City and Energy research group and the Diffuse Cities & Urbanization research Network (DCUN) (both members of the research federation Urban Futures research network – University Paris-East).This study day aimed at investigating energy transition processes in contexts of diffuse urbanization and other low-density settlements. Through the different presentation and communication, the objective was to analyse policies, infrastructure projects, and urban design drawing on examples from the global North and global South.